Max pulls the Jeep over and turns off the engine. He leans over and gives Liz a long kiss.

I better get you home soon. I don't want your parents mad at me again.

I know.

Liz takes out a small gift-wrapped box from her pocket.

LIZ (cont'd)
This won't take long.

She hands the box to Max. He takes it.

What's this? You gave me a present at the party.
(he touches the new cashmere pullover sweater he is wearing)
This is definitely my new favorite sweater.

(touches the softness of the cashmere and smiles shyly at him)
Mine too.
But that was your public present. This ...
(pointing to the box in Max's hand)
... is your private one.

Max looks surprised and intrigued.

LIZ (cont'd)
Open it.

Max unwraps the box and opens it. There's a silver ring inside. He takes it out and we can see that there's something hand engraved on it: an outline of a hand with the Whirlwind Galaxy spiral on the palm.

It's wonderful.

(pointing to the engraving)
I was inspired by the Native American symbol for healing. I just replaced their coiled spiral with the spiral of your home galaxy because I thought it would be more personal, more significant.

Thank you.
But ...

I know. It's not something you could wear. The sheriff, Kyle ... we don't want to remind people about hand prints or healing.
That's why it had to be a private gift. You can ...

Liz motions with her hand, waving it gently over the symbol on the ring.

LIZ (cont'd)
That way you can wear it safely and we'll still know that it's there. Would that be okay?


He puts on the ring and holds out his hand to show her.

It's you!

Max smiles.

It is you. That's what you are, Max. A healer. Someone who cares so much for others ... Maria told me what happened when I was shot. You were right there, so fast. You didn't stop to think about the consequences for yourself, or what Michael and Isabel might say, all you thought about ...

Was you.

Max takes Liz's hand and holds it. They look at the ring in silence for a moment, then Max uses his powers to erase the symbol and replace it with his and her initials (M&L) over an infinity symbol. Liz smiles at his choice.