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Roswell What Might Have Been

Virtual Episodes From Seasons One and Two

This project is our answer to the question: what if the rumored interference by Roswell's first network hadn't taken place? Since taking up a collection to pay Jason Katims to write what he would have written didn't seem practical we decided to try to come up with our own version of those stories. We begin in the first season, at episode 117 just after "Sexual Healing," and go on from there.

We began this project at the start of Roswell's third season, not knowing that it would be the final one. We present these season one and two virtual episodes as a tribute to an extraordinary show that touched our lives and ended far too soon.

-Joan Pickering, Erica Cavin and TeeJay


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Current status:

We know it has been a while since we posted an episode, however, as of January 3, 2010 the next episode, episode 202, has been submitted to the beta testers. Since our beta testers' lives are just as busy as ours, it may be a little while longer before we hear back from them and are able to post the episode, so please continue to check back!

P.S. Since it has been a long gap between episodes, you might want to reread the last one while waiting so you can jump right in and read 202 with fresh memories of where we left off!


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