"Patience, space boy."

About the Characters

Any character that appears in the first sixteen episodes of the show should be recognizable in our episodes. Any character that hasn't appeared by the end of "Sexual Healing" may not turn out to be what you expect. In other words, if you see the name River Dog, Eddie or Milton you should know that we've made every effort to present that character as the character was established in the aired episodes. However, if you see the name Nasedo, Tess, Sean or Brody the character may not resemble the character from the aired episodes at all. After all, the television episodes in which they appear haven't happened for us. For those of you who have very strong negative reactions to Tess, we suggest that you re-read this paragraph until you feel calm enough to continue. :-)

Please note that the above names are examples only and may or may not appear in Roswell-What Might Have Been. It's a spoiler-free project.

If you are new to Roswell or would like reminders about the characters for any reason, you might find the following character guides useful.

For Joan's character descriptions, please click here: Joan's Roswell Guide.

For TeeJay's character descriptions, please click here: TeeJay's Roswell Guide

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