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About the Episodes
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All episodes are in script format. The first episode is #117 as these stories begin after the 16th aired episode of the first season, "Sexual Healing." We suggest that you re-watch (or read the synopsis or transcript of, or spend some pleasant moments thinking about) "Sexual Healing" before reading "Damage Control". We also suggest that you erase all memory of what happened on the aired episodes after Sexual Healing while reading the virtual episodes, to better enjoy them. ;-)

Each episode is posted on a Wednesday, in honor of the day that Roswell aired in the United States during its first season. We were originally hoping to post at least one episode per month, but apparently it takes us months to write each episode. ;-) We do this in our free time and have jobs and other responsibilities so that free time is limited. We want to spend the time it takes to make sure that every episode is the best that it can be. We really appreciate your patience. :-)

You might notice that our scripts seem a little longer than the televised versions. There are a few reasons for that. First, we are pretending that we are creating shooting scripts, whose contents would be shortened in the editing room after filming. Second, because these scripts will never be aired, we have to make additions to help our audience visualize the scripts. Therefore, we have included directions and reactions which would not be in a normal script and which add to its overall length. And third, when we have to choose between cutting a scene that we really like as written to remain within our time frame guideline (44 minutes because of commercials) and leaving it as is, we fudge and leave it as is. We hope you are glad that we do. ;-)

To help you understand some of the abbreviations and terminology used in the scripts, we have provided a translation below:

OS:Off Screen
VO:Voice Over
POV:Point of View
EXT.:Exterior Scene
INT.:Interior Scene
CONTINUOUS:The scene is a continuation of the one before it, without a break in time
SAME:The scene is taking place at the same time (simultaneously) as the one before it.
(beat):A slight hesitation when speaking or responding; shorter than a pause.
(cont'd):Continued; used when a character's speech is interrupted by a direction.
(sotto voce):Under the voice; in an undertone so as not to be overheard.

Our goal is to present a direction that the show could have taken had the first network not interfered. There may be similarities between our episodes and other Roswell stories/scenes such as those in aired episodes, cut scenes and the books. We're working in the same framework and this is likely to happen from time to time. Most of the content of these new episodes is original, but we did glean material from these other sources. It is not our intention to plagiarize, but we would like to show how some of the good ideas and dialogue from seasons 2 and 3 could have been used without taking away from the magic that was Roswell. We will give credit when it's necessary, therefore, we would like to acknowledge all the authors of this material for their current and future involuntary contributions. ;-) (See: Acknowledgements)

In some scripts we mention or use songs. In addition to providing lyrics (when relevant), you can also listen to the songs (streaming audio*). In some episodes we offer both Real Audio and MP3 streams. Whenever you see these two symbols: (Real Audio) (MP3), you can listen to the song by clicking the symbol. The song should then play either with the Real Player or your default MP3-playing software. Because most songs are now available in MP3 format, we have decided to offer only the MP3 version in future episodes, unless our audience requests otherwise. Also, we recommend that you turn off the "repeat" or "loop" function of your MP3 playing software, so you can hear the music the way it's intended to play. [On Winamp the on/off toggle switch is the button to the right of the "Shuffle" button. It's green when it's on and black when it's off. If you hover over the button it should say "repeat". Other systems might have a looping symbol of chasing arrows (similar to the Recycle symbol)].

If you don't have either the Real Player or any MP3 player, you can download free versions at these locations:
Real Player, Winamp or download an MP3 player that is compatible with your system at www.cnet.com.

* Streaming audio means that you will not be able to download the audio file to your computer but that you will have to be online to listen to the song which is playing directly from a web server.

Do you need to catch up or be reminded of exactly what took place during the first 16 episodes? Two of us (Joan and TeeJay) had written synopses of the story and descriptions of the characters for other web sites, which you may find useful.

For Joan's story synopsis and character descriptions, please click here: Joan's Roswell Guide.

For TeeJay's story and character synopses, please click here: TeeJay's Roswell Guide

For more detailed synopses (under Joan's Guide to Roswell), transcripts, and other information on the first sixteen episodes of Roswell go here: Crashdown Episodes Page

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