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We'd like to acknowledge the work of Roswell's writers. This project is giving us an appreciation and understanding of how challenging it is to create a script that is consistent with Roswell's history, free of plot holes, and true to the spirit of the show. We have made an attempt to keep our episodes as true to form to an actual shooting script as possible (based on our limited knowledge of such things). Like many members of the audience of the aired episodes, we didn't understand why the writers didn't address certain things, or cut out the good parts, etc. However, keeping things to a certain time length (to factor in its one hour time period with breaks for commercials) has given us a new respect for the authors of the aired episodes and what they had to deal with. In addition, we are aware that there's a certain freedom to what we're doing. We don't have to concern ourselves with actor availability, network interference, ratings and other things that the show's writers must contend with. We pitch our stories to each other only--which is enough of a challenge--and can take as long as we want to write each episode. (Then again, they get paid and can use instrumental music.) :-) We offer special thanks to Kevin Kelly Brown for bringing us Roswell, and to Jason Katims and Melinda Metz for creating this wonderful playground that we're borrowing.

Roswell's writers were: Gretchen J. Berg, Laura J. Burns, Cheryl Cain, Jon Harmon Feldman, Breen Frazier, Russel Friend, Fred Golan, Toni Graphia, Aaron Harberts, Jason Katims, Lisa Klink, Garret Lerner, Melinda Metz, Ronald D. Moore, Jan Oxenberg, Barry Pullman, Thania St. John, David Simkins, William Sind, Emily Whitesell, and Richard Whitley,

It is not easy being a beta tester--we give ours a whole list of things we need feedback on. Plus, when you give advice and then it's not taken, it can seem like you did all that work for nothing. But it most definitely is not. Every bit of advice is discussed in detail and given careful consideration. We eventually have to go with our evaluation of what is best for the script, which may not always coincide with the advice we are given, ;-) but the advice is definitely appreciated and factored into our decision. We would like to give special thanks to our beta testers for their time, patience, and understanding. :-) Since not every episode will necessarily have the same beta testers, they will be listed at the end of the episode in the credits.

Technical advisors are often not even fans of the show (yes, there are people who exist who don't watch the show ;-)), so it is especially nice of them to take the time to answer our multiple, possibly inane, questions in our quest to make our scripts as accurate as possible. Technical advisors will be listed in the credits at the end of each episode.

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