We have had a notification list from the start but we thought some people might like a place to talk about and comment on the RWMHB episodes. The mailing list, Pure Roswell, agreed to open itself to RWMHB discussion.

Pure Roswell started in the summer before S3 as a spoiler-free discussion list. It was a haven for folks who were seriously averse to spoilers; if it hadn't happened within an aired episode, we didn't want to know about it. :-) It also was a place for anyone, including the completely spoiled, to discuss and analyze the show. We think it would be an ideal place for RWMHB readers to go to talk about the episodes in a safe environment.

There are only two rules at Pure Roswell: use spoiler space and no flaming real people. Although there are no new episodes, there is new Roswell material. We ask that people use spoiler space when discussing Roswell books, for example, and will require spoiler space for a time after new RWMHB episodes are posted. As to the second rule, we extend the standard "no flaming" rule to any real person, on the list or not. That is we request that people not attack writers, actors, producers and so on. Although you certainly may discuss and criticize a person's performance of a job (for example: writing or acting) we ask members to be careful about the comments they make about the people themselves.

    Ex: There was a huge plot hole in that episode. (fine)
    Ex: Only a total idiot could write garbage like that. (not fine)

All three RWMHB writers are members of PR (it's where TeeJay and Erica met). :-) We'll try to answer direct questions but we will not necessarily join in all discussion threads. (We need time to actually write the episodes). :-) So, if you have anything to say about RWMHB, want to share your ideas or just lurk to see what's going on, and this sounds like your type of mailing list, then feel free to join. :-)

To join Pure Roswell, go here. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PureRoswell/

If you have any questions, you can reach us at rwmhb@lycos.com.

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